Luciana – CrystalSonic RejuvenationTM by Distant Learning

My experience with CSR
I found the procedure of giving CSR treatments easy to follow in general. Face treatments have been the ones I liked best and found easiest to perform.
Personally I have experienced major changes in my life and my energy field. It seems crystals have brought so much light and high vibration that certain situations must disappear. Anything lower or “heavier” than that is just not accepted.

I have dreamed a lot, I got a lot of information and guide during those dreams. I still do.
I have noticed an improvement of my skin allergy (eczema in hands) which disappears completely at times, and my nails are better (pitting). I have had rashes and itching in neck and back, appeared for a couple of days and then they went away.
I feel better emotionally, more relaxed, peaceful, tolerant, and hopeful too. Also I have stopped complaining. I feel balanced and in harmony.
I have experienced a major opening and cleansing of my channeling abilities. I have started to trust my visions and intuition.
I’m surprised and really pleased with the results on me and on the clients of this wonderful technique. I feel connected and attuned with the energy of the crystals and the vibration of sound. I believe this is just the beginning and I hope to continue getting lighter and lighter and better at CSR too.