A unique Online or Distance Learning Healing Course has been created for people with busy lifestyles or for those who live too far away to attend the College Courses in person.  You can do the course in your own home, your own time, at your own pace, to suit your individual needs.

Please note: this is not ‘just’ a ‘crystal course’….it holds patterns of light within its matrix to open and inspire.  The exercises and guidance contained in this course has the energy to take you deep into your heart and to dissolve the many layers which are hiding your own ‘crystal’ light.  As you progress through the course, you will discover more about your magical and unlimited self and your light will start to shine and radiate brighter than ever before.  The course is extremely in-depth and life changing in the most positive way.  The bonus is that as well as your own self-realisation and journey of enlightenment, you will have to skills and tools to be able to help others, as well as the animal kingdom and our beautiful planet.  The extra bonus is Sound healing.


Training can be online or without internet connection, whatever suits you best.

You will be taught everything you need to know about Crystal Healing, from the very beginning to advanced.


This Crystal and Sound Healing course is unique as it gently allows you to discover the inner you, your perfect essence, and in doing so, insights, revelations, new and better opportunities open up – as you open up. The crystals reflect and amplify this clear essence of spirit that you really are, and with the exercises in the course, as well as learning how to communicate and interact with the life-force Light of each crystal, you will undergo the most amazing transformation that can change your life in the most positive way.


You learn (and practise) about all the different types of Quartz crystals; different crystal families; gemstones; healing exercises; crystal grids; Ancient Atlantis; Ascended Masters; Holistic Sacred Sound voice..and much, much more.  The course consists of 9 large text modules along with  MP3 recordings.


Deva Master Crystal

For those of you who wish to complete this course for your own spiritual development and to deepen your experiences and understanding of crystals and/ or sound, this is for you….

If you are already a therapist, teacher, or already work with crystals, this course will serve to dramatically expand your understanding, experiences and awareness of the crystal kingdom, healing sounds, and how they can help to heal others as well as your self. You will also be able to add this new qualification to your ‘spiritual tool box’ and be a qualified Practitioner upon successful completion of the course.

CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS are introduced and included.  You will journey with their sounds and vocal directions, to let their healing properties  enter your body, thoughts and feelings – to readjust and re-balance… the sounds of the bowls take you on a journey through the chakras to heal and harmonise yourself, as you learn the sounds of the chakras.


Crystals are FROZEN LIGHT… they reflect the perfect pattern of creation… they hold the frequency of BALANCE & HARMONY… receive and transmit energy… STORE INFORMATION… are Healing Tools and Teachers… expand your Energy Field… PROTECT… and much, much more… To find out more about Crystals and how to use them for Healing….

The exercises and tuition are exciting, joyful, inspiring and experiential where you work from home at your own pace, in your own time.

After completion of the whole course and accompanying assignments you will receive a Diploma. You can choose to use the knowledge to enrich and heal your life, your friends and family’s or you can decide to work as an accredited Crystal Healer or Crystal and Sound Healer.

If you are interested in enrolling for the course, which will change your life in the most positive way please see our Contact Page.