Name: S.K.   Gender: Female
Profession: Pranic Healer      Healing done: Sept 03, 2011
Healer: Mrs. Ravi Thatthi

The Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing was an amazing experience for me, being a healer I am sensitive to energy and I went with an open mind and expected just to relax and enjoy. However the events that followed were just amazing.

After the drum sound I felt a vibration of energy moving in my aura and when the singing bowls were played I suddenly saw myself in a dark place where I could hear but not see a bonfire, blazing sparks and felt the heat of the fire. A very old lady with a very wrinkled face and bright shining eyes was talking to me – however I really cannot recall what was being said…..

After that I also felt there were so many people in the small healing room…. I heard my name being called out … I thought I was under a deep hole .. and someone up there was calling me … when I opened my eyes to say a thank you prayer and I closed my eyes to pray and there right behind the Therapist I saw this amazing huge white figure … I recognised as Saibabaji, from the scarf hanging from his head and on to his shoulder…. amazing healing…

The next day was a day where a lot of emotions had surfaced and after that I felt lighter and fresh.

Thank you to the Teachers and all the Higher Beings for this wonderful and enlightening experience.

With gratitude and respect…Shahwana Khanam