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“I could not speak too highly of Lesley Carol’s unique ability to hold her clients in a space of unconditional love. She operates from a very high frequency, has a powerful healing gift which she translates through various modalities, and invites us to open up to experience our own unique sacred selves.” Roisin McAllister, Sept, 2013

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 “I attended the Sound Healing Course at Atlantis College with Lesley and
 all I can say is WOW and AMAZING!  

The sound healing course was an amazing inner journey of knowledge – peace
and ethereal experiences!   I found lesley to be completely knowledgable in her field and could not  have  found a better teacher. She is a very kind and patient teacher who lives
a  life full of genuine love of creation and sound.

 The college itself is full of Love Light and beautiful energy.

 I thank you from the very bottom of my heart,  Lesley, for the wonderful
 welcome and love you showed to me whilst I was at the college and for the
 knowledge you have imparted to me to enable me to share the love and
 healing  light & sounds to the world that this beautiful ancient science gives to
 us  on Earth and beyond.

 I cannot recommend Atlantis College enough!   Thank you.  
With Much Love – Light and Many Blessings

 Angel Peters (West London – 2013)


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Founder and Teacher of Atlantis College, Lesley Carol says: ” I am here to help assist, guide and inspire during these very unusual, exciting and challenging, times in our Earth’s history and to make your transition into peace and wellbeing, an easy and comfortable one.

My work is, and always has been, from guidance within, following a Spiritual Awakening  very early in life.  I believe I now have the acquired wisdom, compassion and spiritual tools to help assist you on your healing journey. I will hold you in a safe space so your light can shine with no restrictions, in alignment with your divine essence.


Tried and tested healing modalities which inspire me, such as Sound healing, Crystal healing and highest frequencies of Light transmissions are used.  Through dreams and clear inner guidance, I have also created unique therapies and attunement processes to teach and share.

You can be taught to use these healing methods on yourself, others, and be trained to Practitioner level.

The hundreds of testimonials received over the years, as well as countless miracles which have occurred during my life of spiritual service, to myself and others,including animals and birds, gives me the utmost faith and knowing, that Light will slowly but surely, heal all hearts.  In turn, we will awaken to full awareness of who we truly are.


I would love to meet you in this new exciting year, 2015, to find out more about you and to share these spiritual gifts of light.  I look forward very much to hearing from you, and if I can be of help in any way at all, do get in touch.”

Harri Sound Bath






Lesley’s biography and qualifications/experience will be placed in the ‘Blog’ section, for those of you who wish to see them.  A professional singer/guitarist/songwriter, who  spiritually awakened at the age of 23,  she went on to work as a high profile Spiritual teacher/speaker and therapist based in West London and working Internationally.

She now enjoys living in a blissful, tranquil place of nature, whilst working and sharing her wealth of experience, wisdom and spiritual gifts to those who are drawn to her energies, courses and consultations.  A safe, nurturing space is provided for each person, with their very best interests at heart.  Everything is completely confidential with no judgements.


Full personal attention on a one to one basis, in pairs or in small groups is given, so that each person can embark on a deep, fulfilling  journey with whichever healing modality sings to their heart and soul.  These courses and consultations are also available by Distance Learning and On-line.

Atlantis College has been established for over 20 years and has an unwavering, excellent reputation and the students who qualify here are of the highest calibre. 















The College has trained hundreds of students all over Great Britain and in all corners of the world who are now first class, caring, successful Practitioners.  Most of them not only have successful practices either full time or part time, but also volunteer their services in Hospices, helping children with special needs, childrens’ hospitals,  mental health patients, Cancer and Aids clinics, Animal rescue centres, animals, the elderly, the infirm, dementia patients…. in fact no-one seems to be missed out, and many Practitioners who are able to, run free healing centres in order to help and be of service.  We all join as one mind to help to hold and promote peace and wellbeing for our self and  all sentient beings, as well as for our beautiful planet and Universe.

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The Crystal and Sound Healing Diploma course by Distant Learning and  Online  is very popular and extremely successful.  As well as receiving a Practitioner’s Diploma upon successful completion of the course, it is also perfect for your own personal development.  

This course is not just about Crystals and Sound.  It is a deep voyage of discovery about YOU. You will learn to truly love yourself again, and with that, your whole world changes. This ripples out to the entire universe.

In Sound Healing terms, you will re-tune the whole individual orchestra of your energy field.  Once you do this, you become in full harmony with the perfect sound of the Light and Love behind the world of form.  This then becomes your reality.  And this is how you help the world, by bringing about this change in yourself.  It is a simple matter of changing your perspective.  It is so very simple – but then the greatest teachings are the simplest ones.  So simple they are often overlooked for complicated methods.    You choose Love instead of Fear…….  Is this you?  Can you do it? Will you do it? Are you doing it already?  There is nowhere to search for love outside yourself.  The answer is not to find love but to face yourself and gently remove the shields and layers of hurt from around your heart and set yourself free to be the Spirit you are.  Then you will embark on the greatest love affair you have ever known.   Your heart will be on fire with this eternal love.  I can show you how, for I’ve experienced this … I’m doing it….  and now it’s to enjoy, to share, to keep refining, fine-tuning, surrendering… and to walk the talk.    For those of you who have already found this most precious gift of all, then perhaps you would like to come to an in person course and express your joy and love through the sound healing tools.  Enjoy an unforgettable journey of ecstatic sounds of Light and join with me and others in sounding these waves of peace throughout the Universe through our joined hearts of One-ness.

On a more down to earth level, with the Crystal and Sound Healing Distant Learning course, you will discover insights and realisations about yourself and your life.  Clarity and revelations will occur which can be life-changing in the most positive way.  Please ask if you wish to see testimonials or know more.



For the popular CrystalSonic RejuvenationTM courses, please click the button at the top for ‘Rejuvenation’.  These courses are ongoing throughout the year and are successfully completed by Distant Learning.  A list of Atlantis College qualified Practitioners throughout the world is in the throes of being updated and entered on the ‘Practitioners’ page.

You can use the teachings for your own spiritual development, self-realisation, self-healing, healing for friends, family, animals, plants…. or

Become a qualified Practitioner in your chosen therapy at Atlantis College, to enable you to give treatments to others and to build up your own professional practice.  You will have the ongoing support and security of choosing to be a professional Member Practitioner of Atlantis College and being advertised and featured in brochures and on this website.


The Blog page: –  Soon I’ll be posting on there regularly with all kinds of things, including workshops, notices, events, anything interesting to share.

I would like to wish you a very healthy, happy, blessed and abundant 2015

Look forward to meeting and working with you soon, here in beautiful Somerset…. (Lesley Carol)

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